Wheatgrass and lemon juice

Wheatgrass and lemon juice recipe

Did you know that you can mix wheatgrass with a range of fruit and vegetables? It adds to the flavour and goodness of your juice without the potent taste of pure wheatgrass juice.

One of the most refreshing drinks has to be wheatgrass and lemon juice. Lemon is known as a cleansing and digestive aid, while green vegetables are filled with vitamins and minerals. The tang of the lemon juice balances the distinct wheatgrass taste. 

This cold pressed juice is a favourite on a warm, summer day or fantastic as a ‘pick-me-up’ morning juice.

Wheatgrass and lemon juice recipe:


  • Fresh wheatgrass (approx 200g).
  • Half lemon.
  • Water.


Cold press approximately 200g of fresh, living wheatgrass. Add lemon to taste and approximately 500ml of water. If the taste is a little strong, add more water. If you prefer a shot of wheatgrass and lemon, then leave the water out and reduce the amount of lemon that you use.

This recipe should give you two glasses of refreshing wheatgrass and lemon juice. Drink it chilled or at room temperature. 


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