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How to Grow Cornflower from Seed

(Centaurea cyanus) Blue Boy Commonly known as Bachelors buttons, Cornflowers are easy to grow. Preferably in full sun (6 hours per day). They make an excellent addition to a traditional style garden and come in various colours such as white, blue, purple and blue. Their stunning double flowers are ideal for cut or dried flowers. […]

Mustard Red Microgreens Isolated

How to Grow Red Giant Mustard Microgreens

Red Giant Mustard microgreens are a hearty green microgreen with a spicy mustard flavour, enjoyable as a garnish on salads, sandwiches and within different curries. Microgreen growing guide: Equipment you will need: Growing trays – I used small, 500mL takeaway containers A cover – For the trays to use during their blackout period, use a […]

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Kale Red Russian Microgreens

These kale microgreens give a great fresh flavour that is a great nutrient dense food source. It is crisp yet milder than most other brassicas. Microgreen growing guide: Equipment you will need: Growing trays – I used small, 500mL takeaway containers A cover – For the trays to use during their blackout period, use a […]

Red Veined Sorrel Microgreens and Baby Leaf

How to Grow Red Veined Sorrel

Red veined sorrel, also known as bloody sorrel, is a part of the buckwheat family. This microgreen variety is filled with vitamins and minerals, with great antioxidant properties. They’re often used as a garnish because of their unique, bright green leaves with vivid red veins and their tangy flavour. In this article, you’ll learn how […]

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Microgreens – Your Ultimate Growing Guide

Find out how to grow microgreens. Our comprehensive Microgreen Growing Guide has all the information you need to get started with your growing. Tips & troubleshooting. Growing instructions for all the most popular varieties including broccoli, radish, sunflower, pea sprouts & more. Information about basic setup & equipment that you will need. What are Microgreeens? […]

Fenugreek Sprouts

How to Grow Sprouts

Learn how to grow sprouts at home. Our helpful guide includes instructions for growing the most popular varieties including broccoli, alfalfa, radish, mung bean & more. Click here to download a sprouting guide.

Microgreen Trays with Microgreens

When & How to Weight Microgreens

Adding weight on top of your microgreen growing trays helps to trap humidity within the tray, press the seeds down into the medium and will also provide resistance for the seeds to push against, helping to shed their seed hulls and encourage stronger stem growth. These factors contribute to even germination and generally stronger microgreen […]

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How to Grow Red Shiso (Perilla)

Red shiso, also known as Perilla or Beef-Steak Plant, is a Southeast Asian variety with a flavour that is a mix of both basil and mint. It is a microgreen variety that has become a popular garnish for noodle dishes, pastas, seafood and many more. Microgreen growing guide: Equipment you will need: 2 x 10×20” […]

Red Amaranth Microgreens Seedmart Australia

How to Grow Red Amaranth microgreens

Red amaranth microgreens are a vibrant, delicate and earthy-flavoured microgreen, ideal as a salad garnish. Amaranth can be particularly tricky to grow, so the following details tips and steps to follow, should you need a hand to do so. Equipment you will need 1 x 10 x 20″ growing trays 2 x spray bottles (1 […]

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How to Store your Seeds & Grains Correctly

It is important to store your vegetable seeds and grains correctly as this will help maintain their viability and vigor. Seeds are sensitive to climatic conditions such as humidity and moisture. Seeds and grains, that are not suitably stored, will have a decreased chance of germination. Issues with seed storage Environmental factors that can destroy […]

Microgreen Growing

How to Fix Common Microgreen Growing Problems

In this article, we’ll show you how to troubleshoot the most common microgreen growing problems. Climatic fluctuations It has been found that temperatures between 18-24°C are most favourable for microgreen growth. Temperatures above this can increase disease pressure, such as damping-off disease or inhibit germination in some varieties. While temperatures that are lower than this […]

China Rose Radish

How to Grow Radish Microgreens

Step 1: Soak 5 grams, or 2 teaspoons, of Daikon, China Rose, Red Rambo or similar variety for 6 – 8 hours (suits a 30 x 35 cm growing tray). Step 2: Rinse well with cool water. Drain well. Step 3: Add 2 – 3 tablespoons of organic soil or coir peat to a growing […]


How to Grow Beetroot & Chard Microgreens

Beetroot and chard seeds are some of our most popular microgreen seeds. This is not surprising since they have stunning colours which make any dish ‘pop’. These microgreens also have a milder flavour than spicy brassica microgreens (e.g. broccoli, kale & radish).  You’ll find these seeds a little harder to grow than brassica seeds. They […]

Growing Trays

How To Make Living Wheatgrass Last Longer

Wheatgrass is a nutritious living plant that can be grown all year round. Grow it in a tray on your kitchen bench, or near indirect light. This living green is sensitive to temperatures over 20 °C and harsh, direct sunlight. Here are a few tips to help you care for your living wheatgrass trays. Prolong […]