Our Story

To us, seeds aren’t just seeds – they are potential.

Seedmart Australia Staff Photo

Speaking literally, seeds are the potential to grow a plant of some kind. But we believe that seeds can grow so much more.

At Seedmart, We are in the business of GROWING…


We started Seedmart to build a community of people who embrace a lifestyle of growing fresh food and sharing their belief that sustainable, locally-grown food can make a difference to our lives and the environment. We want to contribute to a community that communicates, shares and supports each other.


Of permaculture as a lifestyle, of causes close to our hearts like the importance of bees to our ecosystem, of everyone’s ability to choose a more sustainable way instead of the convenient way.


People thrive when they have purpose. Seedmart wants to help our customers find and fulfill their purpose. Whether that is growing a garden, growing a business, or growing relationships and meaningful connections with others in the community, we want to support you in any way we can.


Everything we do, we do to increase opportunities for our customers to achieve whatever is most important to them. That’s why we don’t see our business as merely selling seeds. We want our customers to succeed, so we give them the information they need to successfully grow our seeds and grow their businesses.


What we sell, we sell because we know it works and we stand behind our products 100%. We sell only products that are proven, fresh, sustainably sourced, open pollinated, non-GMO and NOT chemically treated.