Living Wheatgrass Tray with other trays in background

How do you grow wheatgrass at home?

Grow living foods including barley grass, sunflower seeds & pea shoots with these simple step-by-step instructions.


Soak 300 grams of wheat, barley or pea shoot seeds for 6 hours (summer) or 12 hours (winter). 300 grams is suitable for a large growing tray that is approximately 55cm x 35cm. For smaller trays, reduce the quantity of seeds.



Rinse and drain seeds using a sprouting lid and jar. Leave to drain for approximately 12 hours.



Rinse and drain seeds then repeat step 2 until your seeds sprout. This usually takes a few days. The tail of your sprouted wheatgrass will be approximately 4-5mm. Don’t leave it for too long or your seeds will grow mould and it is difficult to grow when they have long sprouted tails.



Place butchers paper in the bottom of a planting tray to stop soil from falling through. If you are growing your wheatgrass or pea shoots in a jiffy pot or a growing tray without holes, you can skip this step.



Add 1-2 inches of organic soil or potting mix in the bottom of your tray. Add worm casings, compost and minerals (eg: vermiculite or volcanic rock soil improver). You can also use liquid seaweed fertiliser.



Sprinkle seeds evenly over the soil and ensure that there are no gaps. Don’t overcrowd your seeds as it will cause mould problems. A single layer of seeds is perfect.



Cover seeds with wet paper towels or a hessian bag. Water your seeds and place your tray in a dark spot. Water 1-2 times a day using a spray mist bottle until your plant grows 1-2 inches.



Uncover your plant and place it in the light. You can grow your wheatgrass or pea shoots near a sunny window or outside in a shady spot. Avoid extreme heat and cold. Keep well ventilated.



Water 1-2 times daily with a spray mist bottle. Once they are 3-4 inches tall they are ready to harvest.



To harvest, cut the shoots or grass approximately 1 inch above the soil. Don’t worry about mould as it is perfectly normal in Australia’s humid weather. Harvest your wheat grass or pea shoots above the mould. Enjoy fresh, living foods all year round.


Wheatgrass juice recipes

  • Pure wheatgrass juice in a shot glass.
  • Combine with green apples.
  • Combine with freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • Combine with orange and mint.
  • Combine with ginger, lemon and carrots.

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    1. Can you please tell which are the good wheatgrass seeds, organic or hybrid

      1. Organic wheatgrass seeds, that are a hard wheat variety, with a low moisture content, are good for growing wheatgrass.

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