Pineapple juice shot

Pineapple and ginger juice recipe

This quick and easy cleansing juice tastes beautiful and is oh-so good for you. It has the sweetness of fresh pineapple and a little bit of tang from the ginger. You can add more ginger if you like a spicy and stronger taste. Ginger is a fantastic aid for digestion and one of our favourite ingredients for helping to keep the winter blues away, while pineapple is filled with vitamin C and manganese.


Pineapple and ginger juice shot

  • Slices of fresh pineapple.
  • Slices of fresh ginger to taste.

Cold press the ingredients together and pour into a shot glass. You can add more ginger if you like a stronger taste, but we love the balance of the sweet and tangy taste. We use approximately three-quarters of pineapple and one-quarter of ginger slices. 


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