Microgreen Plant Nutrient Powder Pack 5 kg


  • Promotes healthy microgreen plant growth.
  • Complete nutrient specifically for microgreens.

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Microgreen Plant Nutrient A&B Powder Pack 5 kg

LIQUID SCIENCE plant nutrient powder pack has been formulated to provide optimum nutrients for microgreens. Developed in Australia in partnership with growers, chemists and plant pathologists, this full spectrum microgreen food contains a mix of technical grade salts and organically derived elements.

  • Excellent solubility and fast uptake by plants.
  • Developed and manufactured in Australia.
  • Suitable for hydroponic production of microgreens.
  • Designed to promote healthy plant growth.
  • Commercial grade product.

Minimum guaranteed analysis:

      • Nitrogen as Nitrate (N): 4.50%
      • Nitrogen as Ammonia (N): 0.38%
      • Nitrogen as Total Nitrogen (N): 4.88%
      • Phosphorus as Water Soluble (P): 0.70%
      • Potassium as Nitrate (K): 7.2%
      • Calcium as Nitrate (Ca): 2.45%
      • Sulphur as Sulphate (S): 1.20%
      • Magnesium as Sulphate (Mg): 1.00%
      • Iron as EDTA Chelate (Fe): 0.12%
      • Manganese as Sulphate (Mn): 0.03%
      • Zinc as EDTA Chelate (Zn): 0.0026%
      • Copper as EDTA Chelate (Cu): 0.0012%
      • Boron as Borax (B): 0.0077%
      • Molybdenum as Sodium Molybdate (Mo): 0.0008%

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